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Do you keep my bank details or card details?

I need my books faster.

At Bookabook we are trying our best to ensure that you receive your books in the best state and in the shortest possible delivery time. It is our desire to ensure that you are satisfied with our service at all times. Dispatch and delivery sometimes may be delayed due to several factors which are beyond our control, and these include the following:

  • Some books are imported and hence affected by Covid and lockdown delays in the exporting countries.
  • Some books may be on back-order, meaning that there is a sudden increase in the demand for that particular book, and the supplier is in the process of printing more copies. It could also mean that the book in question is not available and needs to be printed first by the publisher.
  • Some books may be on reprint, meaning that the book is out of print and a new edition is being printed.

Back-ordered books may take up to 20 working days for local publications to be dispatched, while it may take up to 10 weeks for international publications to be dispatched. It is our endeavor that before 2021 ends we are dispatching the books in less than 48 hours after payment has been confirmed and the order has been processed, and we are working towards achieving that goal.

Did you get the books I returned?

You can always look at the Status field on the View Orders page to see if your books have been received and checked in. If they have been, it’ll say Book returned. You’ll also receive an email as each book is checked in at our warehouse.

I have an overdue book.

We offer you a grace period of 10 days to before we charge you. 

There are two fees you’ll be charged if you return your books late.


The first fee will be charged after your due date has passed if you haven’t returned your books. This is a fee to automatically extend your due date by 10 days—it’s 25% of the rental cost, plus tax. This will give you a little more time to get those books back to us!

Psst! If you’re writing another exam and you want to extend for a few days, let us know and we will extend for free.

The second fee that you’ll be charged is the purchase fee for the book. This happens when you don’t return your books by the extended due date. This charge is the price of the book minus any rental or extension fees you have already paid. This fee can be automatically credited back to you if you get your books back to our warehouse within 7 days of being charged. Otherwise, you can keep the book—it’s all yours.

To avoid these fees, just send your books back on or before your due date, which you’ll find on the My Orders page.

Ready to return your books?

Which books should I have to return and when are they due?

On your Returns page, you can find out which books to return and print your label right there. Make sure you have your books postmarked back to us by your due date to avoid any late fees.

Still can’t figure out which ones to send back to us? We’re here to help!

email us at, and we can figure out your return info right away.

Need a return label?

You can Ask for a return process yourself right now.

Bookabook pre-paid fastway return labels are good for packages weighing up to about 15 kgs.  If you think your books will exceed this weight limit, please print two separate labels and send in two separate boxes.  Do not use the same label twice as only one of the packages will get shipped.

We will send you a prepaid fastway return label free,

Call or chat with us below to have your return details and label sent to you right away.

Note: Bookabook return labels can only be sent domestically within the South africa and can not be used internationally.

Can I purchase my rented books?

For textbooks:

Yes, you can just ignore the rental due date and we will automatically assume that the book has been bought. We will only assume that the book has been bought if you pass the rental days and 10 days grace days.

Learn more


For Novels rented on Account:  (open one now if you haven’t)

Yes, you can buy the books you borrowed simple by contacting us. We will give you a discount depending the age of the book you rented. If the book was new and you were the first person to use it then the discount will be very low.

If your books are over due please click here.

How do i track that you have received the books i returned?


How long does it take for books to be delivered to me?

Book a book® is a start-up and unfortunately we don’t order and keep a large number of books.

As a result some books are ordered directed from the publishers and delivered to us in 3-5 days and then delivered to the customers in 2 to 4 working days meaning the books might take up between 5 to 9 days to be delivered to you.


The great news is that we are working on this and in a few months we will be able to deliver books in less than 3 working days free nationwide.


To track your order log into your account and then click here.

Can I write or highlight in my books?

😉 ohhh yes, you can highlight the book but only on pencil. Its really confusing for other students to use books which have been highlighted, especially when the other student is from another campus or university.

The pencil can be used to highlight because you can erase the pencil once you have finished using it and you need to return it. We not strict on whether the book is highlighted or not but its very important to consider other students when you using the book. Make sure that its clean and can be used in the future by other students.


Lets create a social economy where we can all benefit from sharing the cost of books and increase the literacy of our continent.

If you feel like its best to just buy the book instead of renting, just inform us.

Click here for more about buying your books.


Why was my order canceled?

How can i track my order?

Will my books come with a free courtesy ebook?

I need to use the books for a few more days.

I received a damaged book.

What happens if i return the books late?

What happens if my books get lost, damaged or stolen?

Where are my books?

Tracking says “delivered” but i cant find the book, Please help!

I received the wrong books.

I have been waiting for delivery for more than 5 days now, I want to cancel the order.

How do i cancel my order?

What do i do if my books are shipped to the wrong address?

How do i return my books?


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We value our customer and we always want to here what you would like to say about us. This will help us improve our services and motivate us to offer you more better services.

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