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Please note that we don't accept donations which are: magazines, encyclopedia collections or personal articles. All donated textbooks should be less than 3 years old.

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We have more than 1000 drop off points around south africa where you can drop-off the books, preferable in a good package. Please provide us with your address below or to find the closest drop off point just go to:

Please provide us with your address for shipment or provide us with the Pargo drop-off point close to your location


At Bookabook pty we believe the mind and the heart are the most important organs in the human's body. A good heart and a healthy mind is that's important to us all. We believe intellectual disability is the most critical condition ever felt by any living being. Bookabook donates 20% of the profit on donated books to little eden. We transport the donated books to our warehouse for resell the books at a cost between R10-R100 and 20% of revenue from the donated books goes to little eden foundation or we deliver the books to their charity shop for resell. Little eden's mission is to care for, develop and enhance the quality of life, with love and understanding from a dedicated staff, persons with intellectual disability of all races and creeds entrusted to them, by providing with trust in Divine Providence and in cooperation with the parents, the community and the State the necessary spiritual, nursing, therapy and stimulation services in as an efficient and economic manner as possible. All proceeds from their shop or bookabook go directly towards providing quality care for the 300 residents with intellectual disability their their care. So you can get rid of unwanted books and help their children at the same time! Website:

Please feel free to give us any suggestions or if you have any delivery notes.