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Example: If 60 day rental is R100, then you will pay the rental of R100 and the deposit shown on the cart (before check-out). Once you have finished with the book you let us know and we will collect from you for free and give you back the deposit. Read below on how to return the book.


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how to Return books

  1. Click the Return page on the menu and then fill in a “product return form”.

  2. You will receive email with book pickup instructions.

  3. Textbook will be collected from your location by our courier partners and then delivered to bookabook offices for free.

  4. The deposit will be paid back to your account in less than 2 hours once textbook has been delivered to our offices in good order.


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How to sell books to students

  1.  Click the Sell to students link and then fill in the information of the book you want to sell.

  2. You will receive an sms confirming your book-listings or just check after a few hours if your books have been listed.

  3. Once your book is sold we will send you an sms and email informing you about delivery pickup.

  4. Textbook will be shipped from your location to your customer for free.

  5. Once textbook is delivered, and the customer is impressed then Payment arrangements are done and funds are deposited into your account in full.

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