Rental Agreement

Effective 16 February 2017 
Updated 15 October 2017

This agreement is between you, the renter, and Bookabook pty.

Condition of Books 
Books rented from are guaranteed to be correct according to your order, and in an acceptable used or new condition. Hardback or paperback books will be shipped at bookabook’s discretion and depending upon supplier availability. Books may also be an instructor’s version if it is determined by bookabook that the instructor’s version is identical to the student version (besides instructor comments).  Supplemental materials, such as student access codes, CD ROMs, or supplemental workbooks are not guaranteed to come with your books even if the title of the book contains language regarding CD ROMs or other forms of supplements. Although we do our very best to find books that include all their supplements, many such materials are one-time use and are not available through our suppliers in used condition. Be sure before you order that you either have access to these supplements or that you don’t actually need them for your class.

Bookabook relies on the expertise of our shipping providers which are Uafrica, and pargo or other third party bookshops to get your books to you on time. Rare problems such as weather delays, rural routes, or shipping carrier system delays could prevent a perfect delivery. Bookabook agrees to work very closely with any customer that does not receive their book within the time frame selected. After a 24-48 hour processing period, please allow 7-14 business days (9-16 calendar days) for standard delivery, 5-8 business days (6-10 calendar days) for expedited delivery. Should a problem arise, bookabook will work very hard to track down the delivery problem or send out a replacement textbook at no cost to you.

We do not ship to  PO Box addresses.

Renter customer:

  • Textbooks return delivery will be free only if the customer follows the instructions and uses the waybill printed as instructed by, if the customer does not print out the waybill and does not give the printed waybill to the courier then he or she will be charged for the delivery.
  • If the textbooks returned get lost on the way because the customer did not print out the waybill as instructed by then the customer will be liable for the book loss and will not get the refund/ deposit back.
Textbook returned (Wrong order):
  • If there is a wrong order, wrong delivery, or late delivery and refund is requested we advise the customer to follow the instructions and print the waybill that is sent via email from if the customer does not do as instructed then there wont be any evidence of wrong books returned and wont be liable for the loss or delivery fee.
  • The customer is required to contact us and require a return/refund immediately before 48 hours after delivery, if the customer keeps or uses the books for a period more than 48 hours then the book will be regarded as a rental or sell.
  • If the customer requests a return but doesn’t process a return/waybill or delays the process then after 48 hours of having the book, the book will be regarded as a rental or sell.
Selling books on the website:
  • When selling books to other students and instructs you to print a waybill from the email we send and give to the courier. If the seller does not do as such, will not be liable for the loss of the books and the seller will pay for the delivery.

Books rented from are the property of bookabook even though shipped from other bookshops or other online shops. At no time during the rental period does the renter obtain ownership of the books unless the renter purchases the book by late return, “buying” or not returning.

Agreement to Return Books 
You agree to return rented textbooks to Bookabook  offices located in braamfontein, gauteng, south africa, using free delivery that we offer you.

Pack the book/books in a small box or plastic wrapping to cover the books. And you should print the prepaid shipping label provided on or before the last day of your rental period when you fill in the return form (we will send you the copies). Books that are not returned to the bookabook warehouse will not be cleared from your account. Please make sure you are using the Bookabook printed prepaid shipping label to return all books. They are provided free of charge and provide both us and you definitive tracking of your books.

Books not Returned on Time 
We will do our best to make returning your books simple and easy. As stated above, we even provide the return Free of charge. If however, books are not returned at the end of the rental period (and after the grace period), as specified in the rental agreement, the renter will be notified via email that the grace period has passed and they cannot claim back their deposit. If the book is not returned by the end of the 10 days the next charge will be for the purchase price of the book, which is Market Value of Book at time of Rental. We work very hard to resolve every return discrepancy. After all, our wish is to keep you as a happy customer and continue to rent textbooks to you throughout your college/university career. The value of the textbook is determined to be the value of the book at the time it was initially rented; not the value at the time the card is charged.

Maintenance and Care of Textbooks 
You, the renter, agree to keep textbooks in an acceptable used condition. is liable and responsible for the condition of rented textbooks only until they are received by the renter at the onset of the rental period. At the time of initial receipt, you, the renter, take full responsibility for the textbook. If textbook is lost, stolen, or damaged beyond reasonable use (cover ripped off, pages torn out, excessive water damage, etc.) renter will be responsible to either replace textbook with textbook in similar condition, or be charged the full replacement value that is the rent amount plus the deposit. understands normal wear and tear on a textbook. Excessive damage is any damage that would prevent another student from reasonably being able to use and gain the full learning value from the textbook.

Right to Cancel Orders retains the right to cancel or refuse any order that results from an error in pricing due to typographical errors, miscommunication with our partners, or any other incorrect information.

Liability shall not be held liable for any damages incurred, physical or emotional, tangible or intangible, beyond the rental price of the textbook. Books which are lost in transit will be replaced at no extra charge; however, Bookabook shall not be held liable for poor performance in school or any other tort stemming from the rental or non receipt of your textbooks.

Rental Periods 
We have structured our rental periods to fit the needs of a college/university student. The last thing we want is you worrying about not getting your book back to us on time. We have incorporated, at no extra charge, a grace period which allows you to rent your book early or hold on to it late in the case of a later than normal final exam. Each rental period and our grace period are discussed in detail below.

Grace Period
All of our rental periods come with a 10 (ten) day grace period. We’ve been in your shoes. Sometimes you would like to get your books early, or you need to take a sup final exam. Our 10 day grace period allows you the flexibility to hold on to the book long enough to get you through to the bitter end. Don’t hesitate to use it. That’s why it’s there! The grace period applies to all of the rental periods below (for example, the 130 day rental period gives you 140 days to get the book back to our warehouse).

Semester (130 days) 
This rental period was designed for students attending full semesters. All textbooks rented under this rental period must be returned to our warehouse 140 days from the day your books were rented, See how easy the return process is in the “Return Your Books” section below.

Exam period or kick start period (60 days) 
This rental period is used mainly by students taking semester courses but want to get a high start or those taking intense (condensed) exams or open book. All textbooks rented under this rental period must be returned to our warehouse 70 days from the day your books were rented. See how easy the return process is in the “Return Your Books” section below.

If you need to retake a class you can re-rent your book for less than the original rental price by just sending us an email to [email protected] This still saves you big time over purchasing it.

Buying Your Books 
If you decide you want to keep your book forever, simply ignore our emails and reminders even after the grace period, then the book will be transferred to you as a sell and no deposit will be refunded to you.

Bookabook agrees to keep all your personal and payment information confidential in accordance with our privacy policy.