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Do the math.

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When you rent books you save on time spent reselling the books to other students and it helps you save up to 80% for books rented for 60 days.



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Our data suggest that 7/10 students who rents books pass their modules, they are pressured and renting books motivates them to pass because they wouldn’t want to keep the book or rent again but would want to rent and pass.

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On average students save up 72% of the cost of text books when they rent for 60 days and 55% when they rent for a semester.

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Of the books ordered are delivered in time but we are increasing this to 100% by using the collected data to stock enough books in advance so that there are no back-orders and orders are delivery in less than 2 working days.



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Customer name and contact details

Please enter you details for communication and verification purposes.

Rented textbook details

List all the books you rented below.


Where we can pickup your textbook

Your bank details

Your bank details

payment and delivery terms and conditions


  • Details
  • Textbook details
  • Pick up address
  • Bank details
  • Confirm


Your Name and surname

Your Contact number

Your email address

Book titles

List textbook titles or ISBN numbers

Your order number


Please give us your pickup address.

Notes on delivery. (any notes)

bank details

Bank name

Branch code

Account holder (name and surname)

Account Number

Terms and conditions will not be liable for any mistake or errors that the customer has done on this form. Customer will be charged for delivery if the textbook returned is wrong or pickup address is wrong.

The customer accepts the above terms and conditions and the ones which he/she accepted on the day of rental/purchase?



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